Архитектурный конкурс Союза архитекторов Польши (САРП)

Architectural competition SARP no 982 for Music Center and Urban Park in Krakow

The Office of the Marshall of the Małopolskie Voivodeship along with the Municipality of Krakow, in cooperation with the Association of Polish Architects SARP, Krakow Branch, hereby announces the following competition: realisation, urban-architectural one-stage competition for the urbanistic-architectural concept of the Music Center and Urban Park in Krakow. 

The aim of the competition is the choice of the best urbanstic, architectural, functional and acoustic solution (cf. evaluation criteria) for the prospective complex of buildings/building of the Centre of Music in Krakow along with the adjacent area and the internal communication layout; as well as the programmatic-cum-spatial concept of the City Park.
The buildings/the building of the Centre of Music with the academic complex of the Academy of Music, City Park and the supplementing recreational facilities should amount to a unique, urban and architecturally coherent part of the city, a landmark indeed, recognisable on the "musical map" of Krakow.
The realisation should be inscribed into the process of revitalisation of Krakow, it should take into consideration the values, conditions and natural, landscape, cultural and architectural-urban context of both the site and the city. It should respond to the needs of the local community.
Moreover, the aim of the competition is the choice, through the process of verification and evaluation according to the Rules of the Competition,  of the best concept allowing for the realisation of the planned enterprise. The participant whose entry shall be considered the best, will be invited to further negotiations regarding the actual commission. The Contracting Authority plans to implement this investment in BIM technology.
The Competition is conducted in Polish.
Members of the Competition Jury:
1. prof. Ewa Kuryłowicz, architect, KSK SARP Warszawa – President of the Jury
2. dr hab. Magdalena Kozień-Woźniak, architect, KSK SARP Kraków – Reporting Judge
3. Hu Qian, architect, ISOZAKI+HuQian Partners, Shanghai, China
4. prof. Krzysztof Ingarden, architect, KSK SARP Kraków
5. prof. Artur Jasiński, architect, KSK SARP Kraków
6. Piotr Chuchacz, architect, Polish Chamber of Architects Kraków Division
7. Jacek Krupa, Marshal of the Malopolska Region
8. Kazimierz Barczyk, Chairman of the Honorary Committee for the Construction of the Music Centre in Krakow
9. Janusz Marynowski, Sinfonia Varsovia
10. Bogdan Tosza, Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic in Krakow 
11. Tomasz Bobrowski, Chief City Architect
12. Łukasz Pawlik, Urban Landscape Architect
13. Jerzy Dybał, Sinfonietta Cracovia
Organising Secretary of the Competition:
1. Rafał Zawisza, architect, KSK SARP Kraków – Organising Secretary of the Competition
3. Joanna Bednarczyk, UMWM – Assistant Secretary of the Competition
3. Katarzyna Głuch, architect, ZO SARP Kraków – Deputy Secretary of the Competition
Schedule of the Competition:
Publication of the Competition call – 7.08.2018
Deadline for submitting inquiries to the Competition Regulations – until 20.08.2018
Deadline for the publication of responses to the inquiries to the Competition Regulations – until 28.08.2018
Deadline for submitting requests for participation in the Competition – 3.09.2018 until 3:00 PM CET
Decision and sending invitation to participate  – until 17.09.2018
Deadline for submitting inquiries to the Competition Regulations – until 8.10.2018
Deadline for the publication of responses to the inquiries to the Competition Regulations – until 19.10.2018
Deadline for the submission of Competition works – 19.11.2018 until 3:00 PM CET
Decisions, publicising the results of the Competition, and opening the post-competition exhibition – 3.12.2018
Prize pool (gross amounts): 300 000 PLN
first prize – 150 000 PLN
first prize – 75 000 PLN 
other possible awards or mentions – 75 000 PLN

Regulations of the Competition and Formal Appendices and Substantive Appendices can be found on the SARP Kraków website and  on the Organiser's website


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